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Exclusive luggage for Escada Sport®

Exclusive luggage for Escada Sport®

février 2006

The hight fashion house Escada® want to propose to their Escada Sport ® 's customers exclusive travel goods for the fall/winter 2006. Being in search of hight quality and luxury luggage, Escada Sport® appeals to Ets Bernard RDB. This travel goods family business makes its unic craftsmanship and its hundred-year-old trunk maker's savoir-faire at the great german fashion house's service...

In 2005, The great fashion house Escada Sport® is in search of a partner to make its exclusive luggage. The german company has to go to France taking advantage of the unic savoir-faire of the french craftsmen trunk makers.

According to satisfy dynamic and sportive women, who loves travelling and going out, with a luxury luggage, Escada Sport ® approaches Ets Bernard RDB. This french family workshop makes luxury trunks and travel goods for four generations.

The Escada Sport® 's luggage benefit from the hundred-year-old savoir-faire of the french trunk maker. They are made from the higgest quality leathers and the higgest quality fabrics of the great italian houses.

The fall/winter 2006 Escada Sport® 's luggage witness the european craftsmanship and refinement.

Escada Sport® Cheuvron suitcase and beauty case Escada Sport® Paisley suitcase and beautycase

The Escada Sport®'s luggage in the german press :

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