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Trunk Maker for 4 generations

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Historical account, trunk maker for four generations page 3/5

ETS BERNARD : trunk maker for 4 generations.

1876 | 1900 | 1905 | 1906 | The 10s | The 20s | The 30s | 1944 | 1946 | The 50s | The 60s
1971 | The 70s | 1974 | 1976 | The 80s | The 90s | 1994 | The 2000s

The 50s - Adrien BERNARD grew fast his company with his trunk maker's savoir-faire acquired at his father's side . The ten or so workers company made travel trunks, travel goods, commercial traveller's luggage, specific car luggage, roof rack-trunks, vulcanisated fibreboard cases and superfibrite cases, leather goods, and leather-made transistors and radio/televisions.

Adrien BERNARD registered the trademark La Palourde in accordance with the lightness of his fibreboard suitcases.

Adrien BERNARD's headed notepaper with the « La Palourde » trademark the « La Palourde » metallic vignette

The company has prospered. Three travel goods shops started up in Paris : a first one 154 rue Lamark, a second one 124 avenue de Saint-Ouen, and a third one avenue de Wagram.

All the Adrien BERNARD's soons : Claude (1933-), Michel (1937-), Noël (1945-1978), Rémy (1947-), and Dominique(1953-), started working at the family business.

Adrien BERNARD's headed notepaper and business card noticing the travel goods shop in Paris, 124 rue Lamarque the « Hall de la Maroquinerie » business card Claude BERNARD delivering in Paris in the middle of the 50s

The 60s - The Adrien BERNARD's enterprise spirit and avant-garde mind drived him to diversify his company into risky business like making radio/televisions.

So Adrien BERNARD had to sell his shops. His trunk and travel goods workshop moved in Paris, 9 rue de Saintonge .

business card of the garage in Thiais where Adrien BERNARD sold his roof rack-trunks a « Télé-éclair » radio/television  made and marketed by Adrien BERNARD business card of the travel goods shop in Paris, rue Lamarque turned into a  radio/television shop the « Adrien BERNARD, malletier à Paris, 9 rue de Saintonge » price list in 1969
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