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Trunk Maker for 4 generations

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Historical account, trunk maker for four generations page 5/5

ETS BERNARD : trunk maker for 4 generations.

1876 | 1900 | 1905 | 1906 | The 10s | The 20s | The 30s | 1944 | 1946 | The 50s | The 60s
1971 | The 70s | 1974 | 1976 | The 80s | The 90s | 1994 | The 2000s

The 80s - The company grew up and the workshop moved in Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis), 75 rue Anatole France.

leaflet advertising Ets Bernard RDB, trunk maker and case maker in Bagnolet, 75 rue Anatole France

The 90s - Ets Bernard RDB taked over Ets Pierre Thiérache, a company specialized in making wind instrument leather cases.

1994 - Eric BERNARD started working at the family business at his parents' side. The business successfull resulted in starting up a bigger workshop in Normandy, Coudres (Eure). The office stays in Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis), 81 rue Anatole France.

The 2000s - According to its hundred-year-old craftsman trunk-maker's savoir-faire, the company specializes in made to measure luggage and luxury travel trunks : the art of travel for private individuals and professionals.

Jules BERNARD 1906 metallic vignette. Ets Bernard RDB - hundred-year-old craftsman trunk-maker

In Normandy, craftsmen trunk-makers make special orders in accordance with the highest standarts of quality.

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