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Luxury trunks and travel goods

Luxury trunks and travel goods

From Jules to Eric BERNARD, a unic craftsmanship and an hundred-year-old trunk maker's savoir-faire are handed on for four generations.

Specialist in made to measure travel goods as far back as 1906, the family business makes special orders on a day-to-day basis.

Today, traveling with a traditional trunk is an exclusive art of good living. So Bernard father and son haven't any standards to satisfy the most exacting customer's wishes . In accordance with the highest standards of quality, we are going to suggest to you a large choice of luxury materials with possible made to measure patterned leather or hand-loom weaving.

Therefore, besides great classics possible made to measure (size, colors, materials, handcrafted personalization), we study and make special trunks answering the need to carry specific items, the wish to have a specific period replica luggage, or any other wishes also the most eccentric ones.

Moreover, some of our trunks are for use in interior decorating, in yacht furnishing, and in shop decoration.
Besides, our trunk maker's savoir-faire is often at professionals' service to promote their goods with trunks and cases in accordance with the hight standards of quality, the luxury, and the exclusivity, of their company's public image.

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