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Commercial traveller's luggage

Commercial traveller's luggage

Craftsmaker of business travel goods and commercial traveller's luggage as far back as 1906, we study and make to measure sales rep's cases with two aims in view :

  • To make easier the job of your salesmen
  • To promote your company's public image

Real selling aids, those luggage make easier the transport and the display of your goods . Made to measure, they are created in accordance with your needs.We study and design size, color, materials, wheels, trolley system, handcrafted personalization, to make business luggage which are gratifying, functional, light, reliable, and sturdy.

To make your hight-personalized luggage we can specially study it in co-operation with an advertising agency or your marketing office.

Our good quality production by craftsmen and our selection of best quality raw materials guarantee the hightest quality standards you need whether you are in clothing business, in jeweller's trade, in watchmaking, in cosmetic industry, in perfume industry,...

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