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Transport trunks and specific cases

Transport trunks and specific cases

Specialist in made to measure travel goods for professionals, we make transport trunks, specific cases, flight cases, and transport bags, for all items to be safty transported by road, air, sea, rail.

Craftsman case maker and trunk maker as far back as 1906, we have diversified our production at the rate of new raw materals and new techniques in accordance with our made to measure speciality.

So, besides our classical trunks and cases made of wood and canvas we have become, as far back as 1946, specialist in made to measure fibreboard trunks and fibreboard cases.

Branded 'La Palourde' in the 50s and the 60s in accordance with their lightness (in french, pas lourde means light), our fibreboard cases are always both light and tough . Today, fibreboard is eco-friendly too (made from recycled old paper).

According to the boom of the US flight case in France at the end of the 70s, we have started to make aluminium&wood trunks, and phenolic-polywood trunks, with special aluminium reinforcements.

Furthermore, since the 90s we use the advantage of plastic. We make transport trunks and cases made of PRIPLAK.® polypropyleneboard, which are light, tough, and waterproof . And, in accordance with our search for the both lightest and toughest trunk, we make flight cases made of sandwitch polyprpyleneboard too.

Otherwise, to meet your needs, we suggest, for all our trunks and cases, made to measure interior partitions, inside foam rubber pads, wheels and trolley systems, and handmade personalizations.

Real logistic aids for the technicians, the artists, the show business, and the salesmen, this professional luggage and specific packing trunks allow you to safty carry your equipment to your conferences, shows, exhibitions, technical or commercial operations, whether you are in TV&Rad, cinema, music, show business, graphic arts, hight fashion, event business, clothing business, industry,...

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